And that’s where our experience and strong work ethic shines through. We provide any size and combination of rigging and more importantly, we ensure that our structural work conforms to the highest European and American standards.

Our knowledge in this specialist area of structural engineering is extensive and you can rest assured that we only use qualified personnel to do the job, most of whom have worked in the industry for decades. We will guide you through the myriad of options and ultimately advise on the best match for your requirements.
From the rigging comes the video, sound and lighting which we know can transform the most routine event into the spectacular.

Man Power

We source and provide internationally renowned riggers as well as rope access specialists and climbing lighting technicians. So, don’t hesitate to contact us if you need to ‘rent a rigger’.


Project Planning

Regardless of the size of the project, we are proud to say that EVEN2 has always been able to provide a solution to our clients’ requests.

By listening to your ideas during the initial consultation we can help you solve any planning and feasibility concerns you may have and advise and recommend where necessary.

On-site visits are integral to determine the best possible way forward to bring your event to life.

Our CAD service will then provide you with a professional outline of the staging, venue, layout and structures to be used at the event – all created online so changes can be easily made if required.

As your event draws near, we will liaise and update you regularly and provide checklists, timescales and even useful local contacts in other event management related activity should you need them. It’s all part of our service.

Static Calculation

EVEN2 has worked on a number of events where complex, static installations have been required.

Calculating the weight, elevation and scale requires precise methodology which we are very well experienced in. We successfully installed a large number of custom-made temporary structures within the last 5 years.


Vario Speed Motors

We’re proud of our reputation in the events sector and only the best is good enough for us. We work with the revolutionary movement control systems CyberHoist and InMotion 3D to create stunning live experiences.
Kinetic Movements has been successfully used at many of our events such as the Future Energy Summit in Abu Dhabi, Cityscape Global in Dubai or Camel Festival in Saudi Arabia.

Track Systems

We use manual and electronic curtain and LED wall tracks with variable speed control, which contain an extensive set of components enabling almost any movement imaginable, regardless of the weight! High quality, noiseless, compact and easily transportable, these systems are ideal for touring, large venues and theatres. We use innovative techniques including barcode reading and laser distance measurement which enables us to track every movement.

Spider Cam

Moving through space without restrictions on the ground, the Spidercam effortlessly and silently follows the commands of the Spidercam pilot. This free movement allows new and unique perspectives, bringing your audience closer to the action than ever before. This is achieved by using the latest computing, network and drive technologies combined with approved and high-quality camera and video components.

This Camera system has been successfully used at our events such as the Special Olympics in Abu Dhabi, PSL Super league in Sharjah, Dubai and Abu Dhabi and also at Dubai Duty Free Tennis Championship.


We use the innovative Kabuki system to create powerful and impressive effects. Kabuki allows us to drop a wall of curtain to the floor with meticulous timing. It’s a modular system and is almost endlessly extendable by connecting brakes and rollers with the Kabuki profiles.

This efficient system has been successfully used at many of our events such as the Ferrari World opening in Abu Dhabi, Splash Fashion Show and the ground-breaking ceremony in Abu Dhabi for Nuraai Island.


If you need to lift heavy weights, position equipped trusses or platforms safely and without any difficulties on your event, we provide high class engineering using over 500 electrical chain hoists from Market Leaders ChainMaster, Liftket and Movecat with different capacities from 250KG to 2000KG.


Permanent Installations

We are experienced and reliable when it comes to the design and fit a range of permanent installations, including the construction of large rigs and structures in hotels and venues.

Pre-build Consultancy

We offer a consultancy service for those wishing to have advice and solutions. Whether it is for access, power, roof capacity or floor capacity, we are on hand to assist the planning stages of your event or production.

Equipment Testing and Inspection

Regulations stipulate that any equipment is required to have a thorough examination every 6 to 12 months. This is a legal requirement and could invalidate your insurances if not kept up to date. EVEN2 can ensure your equipment is inspected, tested and maintained by our highly trained and certified personnel.

Newly built or installed systems and equipment can also be tested and certified by us and we will always involve an independent 3rd party to cross check our own tests and installations to ensure that everything we do is safe.


We construct stages of all shapes and sizes

Whether it’s a sporting event, awards ceremony, fashion show or rock concert we construct stages of all shapes and sizes to meet your individual requirements.

All stages are built by well-trained specialists and of course conform to European standards to guarantee you a safe and successful event.


We have a massive range

EVEN2 is an official partner for Chainmaster, Cyberhoist, Buetec and Spidercam in the region and we are proud to be the first in Middle East to put these systems into action.

EVEN2 has equipment that can be used for entire jobs or to add on to a client’s existing equipment. If you prefer to simply hire our equipment, then we have provisions in place to assist you.

Our impressive equipment list includes:
Trussing systems

Over 10.000m of trussing in different systems from manufacturers like Prolyte, Eurotruss, James Thomas and Slick.

Small, medium and heavy-duty trusses from 30cm to 100cm and truss circles from 4m diameter up to 60m diameter

Electrical Chainhoists from, Chainmaster , Movecat, Liftket

250kg WLL, 320kg WLL, 500kg WLL, 1000kg WLL

Variable speed Chainhoist system CYBERHOIST Controlled by Computer

Set of 42 machines available 500kg capacity 0-20 meter per minute

Kabuki system

Showtex 100m, Solenoid system 20 cells

Motor control systems, power distros & cables

4, 8, 16, 24 and 32 channel systems

Load cell system

20 Load cells available to monitor weight on critical points in the roof

Rigging accessories

Slings, Steelflex, Steels, Clutch chains, Shackles, O-Rings, Burlaps , Turnbuckles , Guy Wire etc.


600 sqm Buetec stage available