If you are thinking about rigging, think about Even2

Rigging is the hardware of the event industry, which means the work of others can begin only when the work of the riggers is finished. We work according to established German standards, as safety is the most important part of our industry for everyone.

We build stages for the biggest artists to perform on, rig audio towers

for giant stadiums, prepare ceiling installation for breath-taking lighting and much more.

Rigging is needed wherever stages, cameras, audio systems and lighting systems are in use. That is why most of our projects are from within the event industry but we are equally at home delivering small private parties, mall exhibitions or corporate events.

At events, everything begins with rigging

That’s where our many years of experience and our strong work ethic shines through. We can deliver any size and combination of rigging while, most importantly, ensuring that all structural work is up to the highest European and international standards. Throughout our projects, we benefit from our combined decades of experience, our own large warehouse of high quality and our state of the art equipment, which enables us to respond flexibly and individually to every event. We are proud of the fact that we have been able to find a suitable solution for every customer event up to now.

Our knowledge in the specialist area of structural engineering is extensive and you can rest assured that we only use qualified personnel to do the job, most of whom have worked in the industry for decades. We will guide you through the myriad of options and ultimately advise on the best match for your requirements.

Rigging is the base on which video, sound and lighting can transform a mundane event into the most spectacular show. You can expect professionalism, reliability, punctuality and of course safety in everything we do for our customers.


Since we are working at many meters of altitude and with heavy loads, safety for everyone is of utmost importance to us. Therefore we do not only pay attention to the safety measurements of our installations, but of course also to those of our team.

How can we guarantee this security for everyone? We have always worked with the best partners in the industry who provide the best equipment. This equipment is checked regularly - just like our team, which undertakes training sessions on an ongoing basis to keep up with the latest industry standards.

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