Kinetic Movements

We work with revolutionary motion control systems to create stunning and smooth live experiences. They simplify our work and help us deliver more professional and visually aestethic results to the audience.

Flying artists, musicians or cars, moving LED screens in all possible directions, rotating tables for product presentations or just a falling silk curtain are things that make events remarkable.

We have successfully used kinetic movement machines at many events in the region such as:

  •     Future Energy Summit in Abu Dhabi
  •     Cityscape Global in Dubai
  •     Camel Festival in Saudi Arabia
  •     Hamad Port Opening in Qatar
  •     Opening of the new international airport in Muscat, Oman


The latest computer, network and drive technology combined with proven, high-quality camera and video technology: The Spidercam follows the pilot's instructions effortlessly, while silently flying through the air - producing aesthetically pleasing and still shots for film and television.

The camera is especially popular for sporting events, as it can easily follow the athletes and show unique perspectives to the audience.

Computerized hoists

Our warehouse offers more than 500 electric chain hoists of the market leaders ChainMaster, Cyberhoist, Liftket and Movecat Motion with different load capacities from 250KG to 2000KG. With these motors we can safely and quickly position heavy weights, equipped trusses or platforms and thus set up stages in the shortest possible time.

If you need such a system for your event, please feel free to contact us via our contact form.

Tracking Systems

Our manual and electronic curtain and LED wall rails with variable speed control allow us to create almost any imaginable movement - regardless of the weight.

We work with the best products in the industry that are high-quality, silent, compact and easy to transport. This makes our systems ideal for tours, large venues and theaters.


We use the innovative Kabuki system for powerful effects during live shows. With the help of adjustable timing options, Kabuki allows us to drop large theatrical curtains at the right moment. An impressive tool that enhances the dramaturgy of every performance.

We have already implemented the system at many events such as the opening of Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi, the Splash Fashion Show, and the groundbreaking ceremony for Nuraai Island in Abu Dhabi.

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