Our Response to Corona

The event industry was hit hard by the Corona crisis. From our perspective, it was important to adapt to the new circumstances as fast as possible, to be prepared when the new season kicks off again. That's why we have invested time training our team and have even expanded it to keep up with the latest restrictions and guidelines.

Trainings & Certification

We have participated in extensive training courses provided by the WHO and TÜV:

Our technical manager Alex Würfel took part in a TÜV webinar and is now officially qualified to supervise hygiene measures at mass gatherings in public places.

René Karnahl, our managing director, and our senior rigger Artem Schneider participated in the WHO seminars. The seminars covered risk training for implementing approved hygiene regulations at mass events and have increased the general sensitivity for the topic in the company.

Alex, René and Artem are in leading positions, so during an event they assess the hygiene measures put in place by the other team members and correct them if necessary. As such, Even2 is well trained for the new season and can easily meet the latest hygiene standards at upcoming events.

Team Expansion

During the crisis it was, and still is, important to keep our overheads in check by implementing the right cost saving measures. Thanks to our clever financing structure, we have been able to successfully maneuver our way through the crisis. We are very proud to be one of the few rare companies, that didn't have to lay off any employees for financial reasons.

It is rather the opposite: we even expanded our team, so that we are now even better prepared for the upcoming season, which will bring new challenges for the industry.

Sandeep Kesavan joined our team in June as our new chief accountant.

He oversees the financial flows of the company and will further consolidate and expand our existing financial processes.

Ivan Zakharchenko has been supporting our team as a rigger since March 2020. With more than a decade of experience in hand, he is a great support for our team. Together with our other riggers, he also helps to maintain the warehouse.

We are now also expanding our sales and marketing activities to attract more attention during the weak project situation due to Corona. That's why Natalie Gerber has been with us since September 2020 and is expanding our online presence as our marketing coordinator.